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Companies understand the importance of customers’ feedback, and the huge margin it reflects when that feedback is being implemented on. AutoZone is open to knowing how satisfied or dissatisfied you were the last time you visited one of its stores.

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With AutoZoneCares Survey, the company’s goal is to collect honest feedback, opinions, and/ or complaints about its brand, products, and services from you, its esteemed customers. AutoZone hopes to use this information from you to make necessary adjustments and steadily improve its overall performance.


How was your last experience at the store?

The AutoZone survey was aptly named AutoZoneCares for the fact that it cares about customer service as much as it does its growth! After all, one of the best ways to keep a business afloat and waxing strong is to be attentive to customers’ needs and find the appropriate solution to their problems.

The survey questions will be encompassing your last visit and order, employees’ behavior, AutoZone price, AutoZone locations, AutoZone environment, facilities – anything and everything that may help AutoZone serve you, as a customer, better.

Win Cash Prize of $5000 in AutoZone Sweepstakes

As earlier said, is a customer satisfaction survey that takes little of your time but is worth it as the cooperation you give to AutoZone now will in turn smoothen your experience at any AutoZone outlets at a later time. A few minutes of your time sacrificed to help the company understand how you’d like your overall experience with them to be.



And yes, it doesn’t stop right there. AutoZone values the trouble and time you give to completing its online survey. Hence, they award a grand prize of $5000 to four lucky entrants!

So if you recently visited an AutoZone store, you may be a few clicks away from a whooping cash prize of $5000. Read on to get familiar with how to win by completing the survey.

About AutoZone

AutoZone, as the name connotes, aims to provide unmatched services and automobile care at the best prices possible. It started off under the umbrella of Auto Shack in the year 1979 by Malone and Hyde. Running a wholesale grocery business at first, these two soon ventured into automotive parts and accessories, and as soon as the auto business hit over the roof, they sold the former and stuck to the latter.


Auto Shack was then changed to AutoZone, the now American largest retailer of automotive parts and accessories that boosts over 6300 stores across the United States, Brazil, and Mexico. The company’s headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee. Survey | Terms & Conditions

Like every other regulated survey, below are the rules to follow before you can participate in the AutoZoneCares Customer Satisfaction survey.

  • You have to be a legal resident of the USA, Puerto Rico, or Mexico. Residents of other countries may be able to enter the AutoZone Survey, provided that they have a receipt reference number, but will not be qualified for the grand prize.
  • Any employees or investors of AutoZone, or their immediate families, are not eligible to take the survey.
  • Non-winning entries will not carry forward to the subsequent monthly entry period drawings.
  • No purchase is mandated to enter and win.
  • Purchasing a product or service will not increase your
    chances of winning.
  • A limit of one prize per person.
  • A receipt is only valid for one participant. Similarly, you can only take one survey per purchase receipt. Multiple uses may result in an immediate ban.
  • Sponsors reserve the right to substitute a prize of equal or more excellent value.
  • No substitution or cash redemption will be allowed.
  • It is illegal to transfer the prize to anyone else, and you may be penalized for it. Survey Requirements

The above information will help you know your eligibility status. If you’re eligible, you will be required of the following to complete the AutoZone survey online.

  • The minimum age for entry is 21.
  • Most recent AutoZone sales receipt else your name may not be listed in the sweepstakes.
  • Be able to read and understand either English or Spanish to take the survey. Those are the available language options at the time of this post.
  • A computer, laptop, or mobile device that is connected to the internet.

How to Participate in the Survey

After you must have gone through the aforementioned rules, restrictions, and requirements, and you deem yourself eligible to take part in the AutoZone customer feedback survey, below are the guidelines to follow.

  • Ensure that your device is connected to the internet.
  • Visit the official survey site or alternatively enter and launch on a secure browser.
  • Choose the location you shopped at and click “GO.”
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Be sure of your eligibility to participate in the Sweepstakes, and if unsure, endeavor to read through the AutoZoneCares Sweepstakes Rules. Once you’re sure, proceed by clicking on the “I am eligible for the drawing and would like to enter the sweepstakes” option.
  • Find your 6-digit Transaction Number (displayed as “STR. TRANS:”), 4-digit Store Number (displayed as “Store:”), and Date on your AutoZone sales receipt and enter them accordingly.
  • Click on “NEXT
  • Read instructions and answer your AutoZone Survey questions. Be as honest and thorough as possible.
  • You must fill out the questionnaire on one page before moving on.
  • You will get a Milestones Coupon Code upon completing the survey. This code in turn gives you the chance to win up to $5000 AutoZone Cash Back on your next visit to any AutoZone locations.
  • Submit your personal details with which you will be contacted should you emerge as a winner.

Voila! That took only 5 minutes, or twice that, yeah?

Note that the AutoZoneCares Survey reward can change at any time. Your survey reward depends on what is printed on your receipt, so be sure to check that. | Mail-in Entry Process

In the absence of an AutoZone online receipt that contains the survey code required to take the AutoZoneCares survey, another way to enter the sweepstakes without partaking in the online survey is to:

Manually write and send your name, address with PO box, city, state, zip code, telephone number, and email address via First-Class Mail to:

AutoZone 2020/2021 Sweepstakes

PO Box 427


NY 14513 Survey Sweepstakes Winners List

Obtain a list of winners by visiting the official AutoZoneCares Sweepstakes Winners list or send a business-size stamped envelope with your personal address to:

AutoZone 2020/2021 Sweepstakes

PO Box 427


NY 14513

AutoZoneCares Winners Selection Process

In order to eliminate selection bias, AutoZone uses a random drawing technique to select its grand prize winners. The winner(s) will then be contacted via phone or mail. Website | Reference Links

Official Website

Survey Site

AutoZoneCares Sweepstakes Rules

AutoZoneCares Sweepstakes Past Winners List

FAQs | AutoZoneCares

Where can I find my AutoZone Survey Code?

Find your AutoZone Survey Code at the top or bottom of your receipt.

Do I have to Purchase before I can partake in the AutoZone Survey?

Yes, if you’re an online survey entrant. This is because your purchase receipt will be needed to complete the survey. Mail-in entrants on the other hand do not need to make purchases before participating.

How do I know if I won the Sweepstakes?

You will be contacted by the sponsor if you’re a winner. Alternatively, check the official Sweepstakes winners list for your details.

How many times can I partake in the AutoZoneCares survey?

Unlimited, but unfortunately, you can only take one survey per purchase receipt.

Does the mail entry method affect my chance of winning?

No, you have an equal chance with other participants, regardless of the entry method. Remember, winners are selected using a random drawing technique, so you can also be a lucky winner!


Shopping, then giving feedback is a thing, but sharing your honest thoughts, opinions, or even complaints through an online survey, and standing a chance to win up to $5k in its sweepstakes? That’s so next-level! Wouldn’t you say? When next you visit any AutoZone store, be sure to save your receipt.

With it, you can partake in the AutozoneCares customer survey online. This lets you participate in the AutoZone Sweepstakes, and gives you the chance to win a cash price of up to $5000. Oh yeah!

In this post, I have garnered everything you need to know about the Survey and the dos & don’ts of participating in the Autozone customer feedback survey. Also, I hope that it equips you with the needed information for you to win some AutoZone Cashback.

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