Waves Introduces a New Version of Its Smart Contract SDK

Waves Introduces a New Version of Its Smart Contract SDK #Waves #Introduces #Version #Smart #Contract #SDK Welcome to JibGlobe, here is the new resources we have for you today:

Waves Enterprise has published a JVM-based smart contract SDK in its new updated version specifically for Java/Kotlin developers, who will now find everything required to build their own Docker smart contract in JVM languages.

A step taken to attract more open source developers involves the addition of necessary lib modules in a much more refined form. The lib modules would be extracted from the production core of Waves Enterprise.

Developers leverage the benefit of accessing blockchain development at a scalable level, making it easier for experienced developers to handle the development of a smart contract easily.

Developers can start a full cycle of smart contract development through coding and deployment. More information about the update is expected to be published by Waves Enterprise on its official blog page. The plan is also to add a handy framework where a smart contract can be tested without connecting a node or gRPC transport.

Waves Enterprise is a technology-driven company that facilitates data privacy, ease of deployment & management, and high availability & transaction throughput. Its team comprises leaders of varied backgrounds with an immense experience in blockchain technology.

150+ skilled members are a part of the team looking after the development and implementation of blockchain-based solutions for a wide range of use cases.

The team is led by Artem Kalikhov, the Chief Executive Officer. He is supported by Matvey Voytov, the Chief Marketing Officer; Rob van de Camp, the General Manager; Kirill Nobogin, the Blockchain Development Lead; and Denis Vasin, the Technical Director.

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