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Walmart Amps Up Cloud Capabilities, Reducing Reliance on Tech Giants

Walmart Amps Up Cloud Capabilities, Reducing Reliance on Tech Giants #Walmart #Amps #Cloud #Capabilities #Reducing #Reliance #Tech #Giants Welcome to JibGlobe, here is the new resources we have for you today:

Walmart Inc.

WMT 2.43%

said on Thursday it has developed the capability to switch seamlessly between cloud providers and its own servers, saving millions of dollars and offering a road map to other organizations that want to reduce their dependence on giant technology companies.

The retailer said it has used its own servers and software to deploy one of the largest so-called hybrid clouds in existence. The company’s hybrid system draws on third-party platforms from

Microsoft Corp.

MSFT 2.26%


Alphabet Inc.’s

GOOG 0.58%

Google as well as an internal server network it has rapidly built out across Walmart facilities around the country.

“The hybrid cloud allows us to be able to draw the best that the public cloud providers can offer and to be able to combine that with something that is really purpose-built for us,” Walmart Global Chief Technology Officer Suresh Kumar said.

The new technology has helped the retailer reduce cloud costs and boost performance—a feat that can be difficult with existing software or capabilities at most companies.

Walmart’s move points to a broader shift happening in the cloud industry as companies have sought to gain more independence from large cloud providers. For the past two years, the company has been building out a network of servers that sit at Walmart stores and in its distribution facilities.

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