10 Undergraduate Scholarships in Canada to Apply for in 2023

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Are you seeking undergraduate scholarships in Canada?  Then you don’t have to fret because in this article I will show you an in-depth guide on how to find the best 15 undergraduate scholarships in Canada to apply for in 2023. If you don’t have the financial fund for your education, there are several scholarship opportunities open to all international students to apply for in Canada.

Meanwhile, scholarships are opened to international students who have demonstrated strong academic records or financial incapacity to further their undergraduate studies. The aim of this blog post is to help you apply for the best undergraduate scholarships in Canada to apply for in 2023. This article contains the websites where you can apply for your awards.

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What is an Undergraduate Scholarship?

Undergraduate Scholarships are awards offered to prospective high school students who are seeking to pursue a bachelor’s or associate degree. For interested students that want to pursue their education in Canada, there are awards and financial aids that you can apply for and get your tuition fee and accommodation fee fully covered. Read this article to the end to know where to find 10 undergraduate scholarships in Canada to apply for in 2023

Top 10 Undergraduate Scholarships in Canada to Apply for in 2023

  1. University of Ottawa scholarships

The University of Ottawa offers undergraduate scholarships to Canadian Citizens or permanent residents. Meanwhile, the University of Ottawa offers several scholarships and bursaries need to high school finalists with strong academic achievements or financial needs. However, students must meet the eligibility criteria to get the scholarship. Students who are awarded scholarships can renew their program and you can conveniently apply for the program online. Meanwhile, the scholarship covers tuition costs and accommodation fees. To start your online application visit the application site

  1. York University Scholarship

York University is known to be the fourth largest university in Canada. It is one of the best scholarships to Interestingly, York University offers scholarships for both domestic and international students. The aim of the program is to help develop high school finalists to fund their undergraduate education. It also aims to give them access to the resource they need to complete their education. If you want to study in Canada then York University is highly recommended for you to apply in 2022. In order to start your application, you can visit the York financial aid.

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  1. International Student Awards

The International Students Awards offered by the University of Manitoba, the program are offered to students who have academic excellence records and success but don’t have the financial capacity for their undergraduate study. The award comes in from international student scholarships and bursaries. Also, the University of Manitoba offers a wide variety of scholarships for undergraduate education such as International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarships, International Undergraduate Student Scholarships, and International Student Bursaries. You can visit the application portal to know the eligibility and application process.

  1. Quebec University Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarships

The Quebec University Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarships is one of the top prestigious programs and it is offered by the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation. It majorly focuses on sponsoring creative artists from all over the world. But the foundation only offers awards to a brilliant young artist who wants to pursue careers in drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, etc. Applicants can only apply for the grant on the official Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation website https://www.elizabethgreenshieldsfoundation.org/.

  1. The International Scholars Program Award

The International Scholars Program awards are offered by the University of British Columbia. There are basically four prestigious merit and need-based awards available on the University of British Columbia International Scholars Program awards. Currently, the UCB offers more than 50 scholarships to students each year. It is one of the generous programs offered to students who want to pursue their undergraduate education in Canada. An interested applicant must demonstrate financial need. UCB offers a wide range of scholarship program for international students like the Outstanding International Students Award and International Major Entrance Scholarships which is worth $25,000. You can visit the application website to learn about the application and commence your application.

  1. Lester B Pearson International Scholarships

The Lester B.Pearson International Scholarship Program is offered by the University of Toronto. Also, it basically focuses on International students who have demonstrated strong academic records and are exceptionally brilliant. Emphases are placed on international students who have made an impact in their high school. Students can apply for any field of study offered by the University of Toronto. Importantly, the scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, books, and additional support. However, students have to meet certain requirements. To commence and know more about the Scholarship, you can visit the application portal.

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  1. International Entrance Scholarship by the University of Calgary

The International Entrance Scholarship award from the University of Calgary is one of the most prestigious awards given to international students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance during their first semester at the University. International students must demonstrate excellent academic and leadership records in the school and outside the walls of the classroom. Meanwhile, the scholarship award is worth $15,000 and is renewable for your complete undergraduate education at the University of Toronto. You can visit the scholarship application website to learn about the eligibility process and application instructions to apply. Click here now!

  1. Carleton Prestige Scholarships

Carleton University offers the Carleton Prestige Scholarships to outstanding international students who have gained admission to the University with a 90% average score. Also, the Carleton Prestige Scholarships offer varieties of awards. This includes the Carleton Prestige Scholarships consisting of the Richard Lewar Entrance scholarship, the Chancellor’s Scholarship, the Carleton University Scholarship of Excellence, and the Carleton University SHAD Scholarship worth $20,000-30,000. They also offer fully funded awards which are the Riordon and Collins Prestige awards. To get the detailed application process and requirements visit the application platform

  1. Winnipeg President’s Scholarships

The University of Winnipeg provides President’s Scholarships to international Students recognized to be World Leaders. Meanwhile, the University announced the release of 53 new entrance scholarships to international students sounds great right? However, the awards are given to students who are coming to the university for the first time. But applicants must have a minimum of 80% in admission average and must demonstrate strong leadership abilities.  Only International students are offered the awards and it is worth $5,000. Visit the application platform to commence application.

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  1. The University of Saskatchewan Scholarships

The University of Saskatchewan offers a wide range of scholarships program to undergraduate students who are ready to study at the university. But the program is offered to undergraduates who have outstanding academic achievements, leadership skills, and strong impacts in their high school. Moreover, the worth of a scholarship award varies with the award you are given. To get more information on the programs and different types of scholarships, you can visit the application platform


You can check through the list of scholarship and choose the one that best suit you. Also, check for eligibility, qualifications, requirements, and application process. Ensure that you apply before the application deadline.

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