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Title IX at 50: huge gains for women’s sports, but more work to do

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Title IX at 50: huge gains for women's sports, but more work to do

Vice President Kamala Harris attempts to make a basket during a surprise visit to a field day hosted by the Department of Education and the Women’s Sports Foundation to mark the 50th anniversary of Title IX at American University in Washington on Wednesday. Photo by Ron Sachs/UPI | License Photo

MIAMI, June 23 (UPI) — As Title IX marks its 50th anniversary Thursday, supporters proclaim the law has sparked record participation, profits and educational opportunities for women through sports.

Critics say equality is stymied by the cash-driven NCAA and those who ignore the law, which protects people in education programs that receive federal funding — like youth sports through college athletics — from discrimination based on sex.

Even after 50 years, Title IX does not seem to be well-known around the country. A February Pew Research poll found that about 87% of Americans have heard little or nothing about the law. Other polls reflect wider knowledge, but respondents disagreed on whether Title IX has led to enough progress in women’s rights.

Bonnie Morris, a women’s history scholar at the University of California-Berkeley, said its “undeniable” that Title IX opens doors for women, but the perception of progress is “skewed” by bolstered participation numbers. And women still battle bias, she said.

“Now, we have critical mass of women trained and in the workforce, but still experiencing discrimination,” Morris said.

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