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Thread of Title IX can be traced through coach, her mother

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By the time Marsha Lake’s daughter was 6 years old, her mother could describe her as “one big muscle.” Shea Ralph was born rambunctious, endlessly energetic and with a devilish competitive streak that meant mom put her in as many sports as she could handle, plus dance and piano, which didn’t stick.

When sometime in the mid-80s their local North Carolina YMCA started offering girls basketball, Lake was elated. She loved the sport, and besides, it was too convenient to pass up — the gym sat right behind Fayetteville Tech, where Lake taught math.

“I dropped her off, and when I come back, the guy running it goes, ‘She’s really, really good,’” Lake said, her vowels bowing with a southern twang. “And I just look at him and I go, ‘Well, she ought to be.’ ”

Ralph, who decades after her rec-league introduction to basketball is entering her second year as the coach of the Vanderbilt women’s team, came by her talent naturally.

Her mother was among a generation of pioneers in women’s basketball. A small-town girl who stretched to 6 feet tall in the seventh grade, Lake played at North Carolina from 1971 to 1975. Her career straddled the passage of Title IX, the law that bans discrimination on the basis of sex at schools that receive federal funding. She was the Tar Heels’ first female all-American and played on the national team that was a precursor to today’s dominant Team USA.

Jenkins: Title IX’s greatest achievement wasn’t equality. It was possibility.

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