Susumi Launches its IDO on P2PB2B Exchange. Invest Now for Maximum Returns!

Susumi Launches its IDO on P2PB2B Exchange. Invest Now for Maximum Returns! #Susumi #Launches #IDO #P2PB2B #Exchange #Invest #Maximum #Returns Welcome to JibGlobe, here is the new resources we have for you today:

Susumi, the revolutionary decentralized crowdfunding platform, is currently hosting its IDO, which started on June 15, 2021. Though launched recently, the project has already created a storm in the market with people registering and investing in large numbers. So, don’t miss the best opportunity there is right now and invest in the $SUSU token.

The $SUSU token is available at the low entry price of $0.003 during the IDO (Initial Dex Offering). The value will see a substantial rise once the token is listed and available for trading. This is being said after evaluating the various protocols employed, the popularity of Susumi, and the unique tokenomics backing the token. 

How do I invest in $SUSU?

The investment process is extremely simple and straightforward. Register on the Susumi platform, verify your email address, and activate the wallet. Once done, you then fund your Susumi Wallet with $BUSD token which is used to buy $SUSU, and a little bit of $BNB, about 0.01, which is used to pay Gas Fees. Also, experienced investors can use the Metamask wallet for purchasing $SUSU on P2PB2B Exchange

The Pre-sale will last until August 1, so make sure to purchase as many before that, and witness your investment shoot through the roof once the coin starts trading.

Why is there a need for Susumi?

Susumi draws its name from Susu, a traditional crowdfunding model that has existed for centuries. This is where a group with a fixed number of people pool their funds to finance or meet the economic needs of one of the members.

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