Solana Saga Phone Reveal Fails to Chime

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Solana announced a Web 3.0 smartphone yesterday called the Solana Saga

The phone will launch in 2023 and will allow NFT minting among other features

The reaction from non-Solana fans was not positive

Solana surprised the crypto world yesterday when it revealed that it is trying to achieve what no other blockchain company has ever successfully managed – to build a quality, working blockchain phone. Solana founder and CEO Anatoly Yakovenko announced the Solana Saga phone at NYC NFT yesterday, which is currently in development, complete with a Solana dApp store. However, those with memories stretching back a few years will know that Solana isn’t the first company to have tried this, and the road to success is one that has deserted all who have tried.

Solana Saga Modelled on Osom OV1

Yakovenko took to the stage at NYC NFT to reveal plans for the Solana Saga, which is in fact a Solana-specific version of Essential’s Osom OV1 device, with standard hardware specs which don’t quite justify the $1,000 price tag. However, the hardware isn’t the headline here – instead it’s how Solana aims to make this the world’s first genuinely successful crypto phone.

The Solana Saga will feature the Solana Mobile Stack (SMS, cute), a wallet adapter port for hardware wallets, and a host of Web 3.0 software goodies for all your crypto and NFT needs. More details will be released as the intended Q1 2023 launch date gets closer, but already the feedback has been muted, to say the least.

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