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Reflections on the immense impact of Pell Grants and the need to expand them

Reflections on the immense impact of Pell Grants and the need to expand them #Reflections #immense #impact #Pell #Grants #expand Welcome to JibGlobe, here is the new resources we have for you today:

When I was an undergraduate student at Detroit’s Wayne State University, I had no idea who Claiborne Pell was or how the six-term senator from Rhode Island set in motion funding that would help me and tens of millions of students finance dreams of a college education.

I’m a beneficiary of both Pell Grants and a Detroit Regional Chamber Compact Scholarship (what’s now called Detroit Promise). I’ll never forget when we got the call one evening inquiring if we were still interested in the tuition scholarship. At the time, my parents’ tears of joy and relief made 17-year-old me laugh, but now I understand the weight of the financial burden that lifted was no laughing matter. Later in my academic career, receiving a Pell Grant from The Office of Student Financial Aid was right up there with winning a modest lottery. Without those two programs, I’m not sure how I would have gone on to earn a postsecondary degree.

I knew the funds would be accepted by the university without issue and had been given a little breathing room to work on the next scholarship or grant acquisition to cover books, supplies and transportation needs.

The grant is named after Sen. Pell, a native New Yorker who used his tenure to make groundbreaking contributions in the federal government’s support of environmental protection, the arts and, of course, higher education. In his role as chairman of the Senate subcommittee on education, Pell authored major legislation bolstering federal financial assistance to elementary and secondary schools and expanding federal education programs.

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