Mercury Credit Card 2022 Review: Best Credit Card for Fair Credit Holders

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Mercury Credit Card is your to-go card if you are hoping for an unsecured credit card that doesn’t charge an annual fee. Although, this card is an invite-only card, however, this card will cost you nothing upfront because it requires no security deposit.

This is why it is highly recommended as it comes with more advanced features such as foreign transactions, cash advances and balances among others. Understandably, you might not be quick to be convinced about the benefits of this card which is why in this article, you will get to learn more about mercury credit cards.

Read to the end to get full details about this amazing card!

Mercury Review

The Mercury Credit Card is marketed as a way to provide hard-working, middle-market consumers access to a premium credit card at a fair price. It is an unsecured credit card, which means there is no need for a security deposit. This credit card’s fees are low but the APR is higher than you might expect from a mid-tier credit card.

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Although, which is the issuer’s website, doesn’t give many details about the mercury credit card according to research from their customer service team, the card has a cashback rewards program for its users. Although it is not clear whether the program is available to all cardholders but it is a great advantage for those wherever hold a mercury credit card.

Aside from that, this card is one of the best credit cards to own. Which is because according to several reviews, the mercury card is fast, swift and best for anyone looking for an unsecured credit card. It was also discovered that reports to all three major credit bureaus, making the mercury MasterCard, mercury credit cards and other mercury cards the ideal card for building credit.

Ultimately, we have seen other cards with lower fees and better benefits that we can recommend for holders of fair credit scores, however, according to several studies Mercury Credit Card is the most reasonable of all. Therefore, if you have received a prequalified mail invitation from go mercury credit card, it is worth responding!

Mercury Credit Card Important Details

  • Basic Card Details
  • Annual Fees: $0
  • Regular APR: 28.49%–30.49% (variable)
  • Credit card issuer: First Bank & Trust
  • Grace period: 23 days
  • Credit limit: Not specified

Additional Information About the Mercury Credit Cards

  • Foreign transactions are available.
  • Balance transfers are available.
  • $0 fraud liability for unauthorized use.
  • Reporting to all three major credit bureaus.
  • Authorized users are allowed (free of charge).
  • Free FICO credit scores.
  • Payment protection plan available.
  • More Mastercard® benefits are available e.g ID theft and fraud protection and 24-hour assistance with lost or stolen cards

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Mercury Credit Card Feature

In this category, we will explicitly explain some of the most important features of the Mercury Credit Card.


●     Annual fee: requires no annual fees or dues.

●     Cash advance fee offers  $10 or 5% cash advance fees which is greater compared to other credit cards.

●     Balance transfer fee: the balance transfer fee of the Mercury Credit Card is at $5. This is a rate you rarely get from using other Credit cards. 

●     Foreign transaction fees: range between 0%–3% depending on the country the transaction is being made to.

●     Late/returned Payment Fee: charges up to $41 but if your pay as and when due, you won’t have to worry about this.

Hence, Cards for fair credit usually offer lower fees compared to cards for lower credit scores. This is why the Mercury Credit Card is your to-go card if you have a fair credit score as it requires no annual fees, monthly payments or account opening fees.

Interest Rates

  • Purchase APR: 28.49%–30.49% (variable)
  • Balance transfer APR: 28.49%–30.49% (variable)
  • Minimum interest charge: $0.50
  • Cash advance APR: 28.49%–30.49% (variable)

If you don’t pay your Mercury Credit Card balance in full at the end of each month, you will be charged interest. The interest you will be requested to pay is what is called your APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

Always remember that the Mercury Credit Card has a high APR, so it will be an expensive credit card to carry a balance on. Therefore, ensure you meet up with all payments to avoid paying more.

Grace Period

The Mercury Credit Card gives you a grace period of 23 days which begins on the first day of the new billing cycle. This grace period allows you to have time to make full payment on all of your invoices without incurring interest fees.

Fortunately, your purchases within the grace period won’t accrue interest if you make full payment on your balance by the due date. On the other hand, any changes you make to your card during the grace period will incur interest if you have a debt from earlier billing cycles.

Cash Advances

When you use your credit card to make an ATM withdrawal, this is referred to as a cash advance. Cash advances are possible with the Mercury Credit Card.

The cash advance cost is $10 or 5% of the transaction amount, and the APR ranges from 28.49% to 30.49% for both purchases and cash advances (variable). Because there is no grace period for cash advances, interest will start to accrue the day after the withdrawal is made.

Balance Transfers

When you transfer debt from one credit card to another, this is called a balance transfer. A sensible strategy if you need to consolidate credit card debt is to get a credit card that accepts balance transfers and, ideally, has a low balance transfer fee and balance transfer APR.

While the balance transfer charge for the Mercury Credit Card is typical $5 or 4% of the total transfer amount (whichever is greater), the APR for balance transfers is the same as the APR for purchases, which is a high rate of 28.49%–30.49% (varying). To sum up, it is recommended to use your Mercury Credit Card to transfer balances due to the high-interest rate.


Although the rewards program is not mentioned on the Mercury Credit Card website at, through their customer care team it was made known that it is in fact offered. Every dollar you spend earns you one point, which can be converted into statement credits to help you pay off your balance in full.

However, it is not certain if the rewards is available to all cardholders or the value of each point. There is a chance that it will be $0.01 per point, which is equal to a generally accepted 1% cashback rate, but this is not guaranteed.

If the Mercury Credit Card sends you an offer without any information regarding incentives, get in touch with the provider to learn more. Consider seeking for a better offer if they don’t provide you with a full rewards program that is competitively priced.

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Benefits of the Mecury Credit Cards

The highlighted information below are the benefits you get from using the Mercury Credit Card

1.   Free FICO scores: this means that using the  Mercury Credit Card will enable you to track and monitor your credit-building progress easily.

2.   Mastercard® ID theft protection: this card also help you to check for the misuse of your personal information on the dark web. It also helps in monitoring TransUnion Credit reports e.g your credit or debit information and your social security number.

3.   Zero fraud liability: If you hold this card, the credit card issuer will not hold you responsible for transactions that are not approved or authorized by you.

4.   24-hour assistance: This card also gives you the emergency phone number to contact and report whenever your card is stolen or lost. Through this contact, you can easily request emergency card replacements as well as emergency cash advances.

5.   Discounted airport concierge services: The Mercury Credit Card also gives you 15% savings on Mastercard® airport meet-and-greet services. This is a high and reasonable rate compared with what you’ll get from other credit cards issuer.

6.   Payment protection plan: According to Mercury Credit Card customer service staff, it was made known that you can enrol in their payment protection plan. This kind of arrangement often costs less than $1 for every $100 you owe in debt and gives you the option of cancelling some of your debt in the event that circumstances beyond your control prevent you from making payments (e.g., losing your job, becoming disabled, or needing to go to the hospital).

Mercury Credit Card Credit Score Requirements

The Mercury Credit Card website,, doesn’t mention any credit score requirement. However, the card is for those with a fair credit score. Therefore, you have a better chance of getting approved for the  Mercury Credit Card if your FICO score falls between the range of 575 and above.

Application and Approval of the Mercury Credit Card

The application is as easy as you can ever imagine. As stated earlier, the Mercury Credit Card is an invite-only card. Therefore, if you have received an offer from the website, you can respond online by going to and entering your reservation number along with the last four digits of your social security number to proceed.

Unfortunately, if you were not offered an application by the company through the mail, then you can’t apply.

How Do I Pay My Mercury Credit Card Bill?

Mercury cardholders can pay using a variety of methods through the Mercury payment system, including:

●     Online: You can use a debit card or a bank account to make a payment. To make an online payment, click Make a Payment on the Account Summary page of the card’s website,

●     Mobile App: You can also use the mercury go app. It also accepts payments from a  debit or credit bank account.

  • Automated Phone Service: You can reach out to the Mercury Credit Card Customer Service, using the contact available behind your card to make a Mercury payment from your savings account.

●     Autopay: You can prevent late charges by signing up for AutoPay on the Account Summary page. On the day that your credit card payment is due, you can set up the Mercury payment system to automatically deduct the minimum payment required each month, your bill balance, or a set amount. Three days before the due date, you have the option to cancel a credit card payment.

●     Mail: To make a payment to Mercury, write to Card Services at PO Box 70168, Philadelphia, PA 19176-0168. To guarantee that your account is properly credited, be sure to include your name exactly as it appears on your statement and the last four digits of your credit card number. Allow seven to ten days for mailing.

How to Get the Reservation Code? is an insurance provider and their car is used by more than 40 million users. Unlike other agencies, Mercury accepts non-US citizens which makes it a good choice for many.  However, if you are a lucky user of this card and you are looking for how to activate your card, below is how to do so!

In the offer letter sent to your mail, you will find a reservation code for Alternatively, you can log on to the URL, to generate the code if you can’t locate it in the mail you receive.

After logging in, you will find a space provided. Enter your last name, Zip code and the last four digits of your SSN. Afterwards, you will be given the code. Once you get the code, clock on the provided link after the Apply today option. Viola! You are done.

Who is this card for?

●     Fair credit holders: Consider the Mercury Credit Card as one of your options if you’ve received a mail offer and have a fair credit rating.

●     Borrowers who don’t want to pay a security deposit:: The Mercury Credit Card doesn’t require a security deposit, and there are no fees associated with simply carrying it in your wallet, only if you miss payments or use certain features like balance transfers or cash advances.

●     People who have received a prequalified offer: Only those who have already received a prequalified offer in the mail are eligible to apply for the Mercury Credit Card. If you already have an offer, your chances of being accepted are high.

Should You Get the Mercury Credit Card?

The Mercury Credit Card is an intriguing option for you if you are looking to rebuild your credit. With this car, you are not tied down with annual fees. Also, you can get reservation code 2021 or for the present year without stress.

Aside from that, go mercury credit card reviews are enough to convince you. This is because they are true life testimony of those who have tried and are still using this card. Hence, Mercury Credit Card is a decent option to consider, To apply, go to now!

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