Ledger Nano S Plus Hardware Wallet Review

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The increasing popularity and adoption of cryptocurrency has expanded the wallet market. Now that many well-known traditional and crypto brands accept crypto as a payment option, enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for safer ways to store their digital assets. 

Ledger is one of the most popular hardware crypto wallets in the sector. Since releasing the Nano S in 2016, Ledger has become a household name in the cryptocurrency space. To date, Ledger has launched three models of hardware crypto wallets, the Nano S, Nano X, and most recently, the Nano S Plus.

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What is the Ledger Nano S Plus?

The Nano S Plus is Ledger’s third release from its Nano series, a line of pocket-sized hardware crypto wallets. Ledger’s Nano S Plus has all of the features of the original Nano S but with a few upgrades, including support for NFT storage and management. Additionally, the Nano S Plus has built-in support for interacting with various DeFi (decentralized finance) apps and services. The wallet is an effective option for people looking to manage crypto, NFTs, and other decentralized services in one place.

Features of the Ledger Nano S Plus

Ledger introduced the Nano S Plus with an exciting list of features and improvements over the two previous releases. Some of these features include:

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