John McAfee Still Causing Legal Trouble a Year After His Death

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John McAfee is still causing authorities problems a year after his death
The former fugitive is still lying in a morgue in Barcelona as his family fights the ruling over his death
His family argues that his autopsy was incomplete and has demanded another

John McAfee is still giving the Spanish legal system a headache despite having been dead for a year. The body of the the former fugitive, who officials say committed suicide just hours after he had been told he would be extradited to the U.S. to a litany of fraud and money laundering charges, remains in a Spanish morgue while his family try to get an autopsy performed, claiming that the death wasn’t suicide. The famously anti-authoritarian software developer was known to hop from country to country and was reputedly involved in arms deals, with his family creating a petition, signed by 1,365 people so far, which calls for an independent autopsy “to determine if the official cause of death can be challenged or investigated privately”.

McAfee Had Been on the Run From US Authorities

McAfee had been a fugitive of the United States for about a year and a half until his arrest in October of 2020, having fled in early 2019 following the convening of a Grand Jury to indict him and members of his 2020 Presidential campaign on tax-related charges. He was famous during the 2017 bull run for taking millions of dollars for promoting random cryptocurrencies in ‘McAfee’s Coin of the Week’.

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