How to Confirm and Activate Your American Express Credit Card (AMEX)

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American Express Credit Card (AMEX) is one of the most sought-after credit cards in the United States. The card comes with all the functionality needed to make both online and offline buying simple and seamless. However, The perks of the AMEX card, will not be enjoyed and revealed until the card is confirmed and activated either online or over the phone by a customer agent representative.

Once the credit card has been verified, you can use it to make purchases online, withdraw money from an ATM, transfer funds, view your transaction history as well as check your cash balance. Even when the card has been collected, you must confirm it before using it. As a result, in this article you will learn how to activate your American Express card via (AMEX).

American Express confirm cards can be done in two different approaches. Everything depends on your decision. However, we’ll compare the two methods here so you can make an informed decision. We’ll also highlight certain benefits of using to confirm your American Express card over calling customer service.

Criteria for Apply for American Express Card

To apply for an American Express car, you must meet some certain requirements. Otherwise, you won’t be eligible to get an amex confirm card. The criteria for eligibility include;

  • Before application you must be 18 and above.
  • A good credit card is of great advantage.

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Below are the basic requirements to get an american express confirm card:

  • The website login; login
  • The american express 15 digits at the back of your amex confirm card.
  • The 4 digits security code
  • Your Social Security Number. You will be needing the last 4-5 digits.
  • The Phone number and email address you used during your AMEX card set up.
  • An internet browser such as Chrome and the likes.
  • A secured and stable internet access.

How do I confirm my new American Express Card?

There are three ways at which you can confirm your american express card. Therefore, once you have sought your card, immediately use either of the approaches below to activate your car so that you can enjoy seamless cashless purchase.

The approaches include; Online

Below is the step by step guide on how to get your american express card confirmed on

  • Launch a browser on your phone or system.
  • Enter the URL;
  • You will be directed to the Americanexpress homepage
  • A bar will appear asking to enter your some numbers
  • Enter the 15-digit card number
  • Click on the “Confirm” button
  • If you are a new customer, Login to your account
  • As a new customer, you will have to provide your SSN , full name, address, zip code, and other information to set up your login.
  • Click on  “Finish” to wrap up  your registration.

Once you are done with your registration as a new customer or you entered in your login to confirm your AMEX card , your card will  be ready for use, online and offline.

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Another method to get your american express card confirmed is via phone call. It doesn’t require the use of the internet but might consume your call credit. The following are the step by step guide on how to get your american express confirm card by phone;

  • Dial American Express credit card phone number 1-800-362-6033
  • One of the AMEX representatives will pick the call
  • Explain to the agent the reason for your call, telling them that you would like to confirm your AMEX card.
  • Share your card number and card ID when asked
  • Provide your SSN as well when asked.
  • The agent will work on your details and in no time your American Express credit card will be confirmed.

How to activate your American Express Card with a Mobile app

Another easy method to activate your credit card is using the confirm card amex mobile app. Follow these steps to complete your confirmation successfully via this method;

  • Download the Amex mobile app from the Google Play store if you are an android user or use the Apple store if you are an iphone user.
  • Select the online service account and register
  • Scan your card and enter the necessary information required.
  • Verify your identity and shortly after, your card will be confirmed.

Importantly, you must authenticate the American Express card via the aforementioned steps before you may use it. Thereafter, you can fund your card to enjoy seamless purchase both online and offline.

About American Express

American Express is a multinational payments company that provides charge, credit, and prepaid cards to individuals and organizations. American Express doesn’t just issue cards; it also manages all card-related transactions, including those using cards from other companies.

Amex cards are accepted by companies all throughout the world, much like payments made with Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. However, American Express is both a card issuer and an acquiring bank, unlike Visa and Mastercard, so it generates revenue from both cardholders and businesses who accept its cards.

The Operation of American Express

The worldwide payments firm, American Express is famously known for its credit and charge cards, but it also provides merchant services and manages card networks.

According to a February 2022 Nilson Report on the sector, 12.2 million establishments in the U.S. accept American Express cards. Comparatively, 12.2 million businesses accept Discover while 12.4 businesses accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

American Express Services

Card Issuing: Consumers and businesses can choose from a selection of card products offered by American Express. To draw in new customers, its card products offer incentives, advantages, and experiences. Depending on the card, cardholders may be able to gain access to airport lounges, earn cash-back and loyalty benefits, and purchase travel insurance.

Merchant Acquiring: Businesses open a merchant account with American Express to start accepting Amex credit cards. American Express collaborates with businesses as well as other acquiring corporations and payment aggregators to make its cards available.

Card Network: In order to sell its own credit cards, American Express collaborates with other banks and financial institutions under a license. For instance, its partners can issue credits to collect payments in local currencies in more than 103 countries.

Strategic Partnership : To offer special privileges and services, American Express collaborates with a number of partners. The company expands its customer base and gives cardholders value through partnerships by giving co-branded credit cards, more rewards, redemption possibilities, or other credit card benefits. Current collaborations include:

  • Delta Air Lines
  • Marriott International
  • Hilton
  • British Airways
  • Amazon
  • PayPal

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Various Types of American Express Cards

The following general categories cover the credit and charge cards that American Express issues for individuals, businesses, and corporations.

●     Cash Back: Earnings on American Express cash-back consumer credit cards range from 1% to 6% on cash back purchases. Statement credits may be obtained via cash rewards. There is an annual fee for rewards cards with higher earnings.

●     Travel: Travel Credit and charge cards for travel can generate rewards that can be used to pay for travel, lodging, and flights. The brand’s loyalty program offers benefits for co-branded travel credit cards, such as airline and hotel rewards cards. For instance, transactions made with American Express cards that earn Delta SkyMiles reward cardholders with points that may be used for upgrades and Delta flights. Annual fees for American Express travel credit cards can reach $695, with higher-fee cards offering greater benefits and rewards.

●     Business: 14 credit and charge cards are available from American Express for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to international conglomerates. There are other types of business cards available, including co-branded cards from Lowe’s and, travel, hotel, and airline cards, and cash-back cards.

What are the Advantages of having an American Confirm Card?

●     To establish credit: American Express Confirm  Credit Cards have the potential to improve your credit and credit score by demonstrating your consistent credit management. Regular use of your Card and timely payback of any balances show lenders that you are a responsible borrower.

●     Boost your Purchasing Power: You are not constrained by the amount in your current account while using a credit card. When used wisely, activated    credit cards, can boost your purchasing power and enable you to pay for expensive products when you need them while spreading out the payment of the debt over time in more manageable installments. Also keep in mind that larger purchases result in more reward points.

●     Enjoy credit card benefits: With many credit cards, you can gain rewards for each purchase you make. These benefits can come in the form of cashback, air miles, or rewards points with an American Express® Rewards Card, which can then be used to purchase memorable experiences, retail purchases, and trips.

In all, American Express Credit Card has a lot in store for its users as it is not only an easy form of making payments but also offers other amazing services.

However, for your Amex card to be relevant, confirm it is important. You can either get your american express confirm card by phone, through the website or the mobile app.

For easy, fast and secure payment, get an Amex card today!

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