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Goldman Sachs hiring 5,000 cowboys on $90k salaries

Goldman Sachs hiring 5,000 cowboys on $90k salaries #Goldman #Sachs #hiring #cowboys #90k #salaries Welcome to JibGlobe, here is the new resources we have for you today:

When it comes to investment banking careers, the town of Dallas has a bit of an unfair reputation as a career backwater, full of back-office centers and regional wealth management executives who spend a lot of time at country clubs.  Even for oil and gas coverage, Houston is often where the deals happen.  However, a glance at the Goldman Sachs careers portal shows that there’s plenty of gold in the Texan dust; there are roles being advertised at the Vice President level, with plenty of them in Marco Argenti’s “engineering” team.  Checking the roles against the data Goldman reports to the US government under the H1B visa program reveals that these are paying decent six figures, with one VP post submitted in March at a $270k base salary.

Goldman already has an office in Dallas, but it’s going to be hiring some more there.  According to Bloomberg, it’s taking the lease on 800,000 square feet of downtown business tower. The old rule of thumb used to be that bankers needed between 100sqft and 125sqft each, suggesting that Goldman could fit as many as 8,000 employees into that space, although 5,000 is the number cited.  Post-COVID, more space is probably needed for ventilation and social distancing, but on the other hand, Marco Argenti has said in the past that engineers are a “special case” when it comes to remote working policies. 

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