Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Top Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship for the month! Verified Employers. Good Salary. Added Benefits. Check if you meet the eligibility criteria and Apply!!

Canadian employers are willing to sponsor foreigners for various farmer jobs in CanadaNo country restriction, No experience needed.

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Fruit-picking jobs in Canada are one of the thriving jobs for foreigners as the roles are open to almost anyone, and no prior experience is required.

Canadian farmers and agro-allied companies are currently and urgently hiring for fruit picker jobs such as apple picker jobs, berry picker jobs, or other farm jobs (specified on the job offer page) for fruit pickers.

Some of the available jobs for fruit picking come with visa sponsorship and good salary offers.

Fruit Picker Canada Jobs with Sponsorship

Earn $11.43/hr – $22,289/yr or more from the available fast-hiring farm jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship.

Canada needs an expansion of manpower on her farms. Search result on Google shows tons of agro-allied companies and farms looking to hire foreigners for picking apples job, fruit picker jobs, berry picker jobs – ultimately different positions for fruit picking.

More so, some of these Canadian employers are willing to sponsor visa processing for qualified applicants.

Fruit picker jobs are one hassle-free opportunity that foreigners can use to make money while experiencing life in Canada.

Although it’s a seasonal employment offer since they are commonly available only during the harvest season, you’ll be marveled by the flexibility of the work arrangement.

This post will equip you with all that you need to know about Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship. From the requirements, qualifications, salary rate, benefits, etc., we hope that you find it useful as possible.

Who is a Fruit Picker?

Fruit pickers work in farms, orchards, and fruits farm, they help to plant, cultivate and harvest fruits. They are mostly temporary workers because fruit picking is a seasonal job.

A berry picker, for instance, is responsible for picking varieties of berries ready for consumption and sorting them for storage.

Fruit pickers are also tasked with harvesting and packaging fruits for agro-allied companies and fruit farms. There are many fruit-picking jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship like Apple Pickers.

Fruit picker jobs in Canada mean that you have to work on a fruit farm or orchard, harvesting, cleaning, organizing, and packing fruits for distribution.

Visa Sponsorship Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada

A fruit-picking job with visa sponsorship program offers to partially or fully fund your visa, travel, and accommodation to help you settle comfortably in Canada.

There are farms and agro-allied companies looking to hire foreigners for the roles of fruit pickers in Canada. These Canadian employers are willing to sponsor your visa, so you can take the chance to pursue your Japa dream!

Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada | Responsibilities

  • Cultivate and harvest fruits
  • Sort out fruits according to size, color, and grade
  • Clean the fruit stacks at regular intervals
  • Inspect and remove rotten fruits
  • Ensure there is no defective package
  • Check the quality of the fruit
  • Handles packaging and distribution of fruits on the farm
  • Carefully handle fruits storage

Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada with Free Visa | Requirements

Before applying to a fruit-picking job listing in Canada, below are some general requirements you need to know.

  • Little or no educational degree qualification
  • Enjoy practical works and functions
  • Ability to perform manual and hand jobs
  • Able to travel to and fro different farms to pick fruits
  • Ability to manage the physical requirements of the job
  • Ability to work in all kinds of weather conditions and outdoors
  • Free from allergies to agrochemicals and atopic dermatitis
  • Capability to work effectively for long periods

Benefits of Working As A Fruit Picker in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Aside from the visa sponsorship offer, there are other benefits that come with some of these fruit picker jobs in Canada. Below are a few of the added benefits you will get to enjoy.

  • Profiting Salary
  • Paid Vacation Trip
  • Medical Insurance Coverage
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Paid Accommodation

Type of Visa to Apply For A Fruit Picking Job in Canada

The Canadian embassy offers diverse visa programs for foreigners to legally work in Canada.

If you are interested and enthusiastic about fruit picker jobs or farmer jobs in Canada, you need to know the right visa for the job. The best visa type to apply for is Temporary Foreign Worker Permit.

Temporary Foreign Worker Permit

The Temporary Worker Permit visa (TFWP) is a program that permits Canadian employers or Canadian companies that satisfy regulated requirements to bring in foreign nationals to Canada to fill a wide range of job positions including the Agricultural Worker stream.

This program allows farm owners and agro-allied companies to bring in foreign fruit pickers, apple pickers, or other farm-related roles to work for them.

They permit international workers to perform temporary agricultural work like cultivating, harvesting, and packaging apples, berries, drupes, and cherries.

International workers who are seeking free visa fruit picker jobs or other farmer jobs in Canada are advised to be on the lookout for the ones offering Temporary Foreign Worker Permit Visa.

What is the Average Salary of Fruit Pickers in Canada?

Fruit picker jobs may ding low, but in actual fact, their salaries are lucrative in Canada.

The average salary of a fruit picker in Canada is $27,300/yr or $14/hr. Less experienced workers earn $25,223/yr while most experienced fruit pickers earn $52,650 per year.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a fruit picker is $33,344/yr.

Where to Find Apple Picking Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Comprehensive research on the internet will get you multiple results for the top fruit picker jobs in Canada.

Need to save your time and effort?


Direct Hiring | Visa Sponsorship Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada

The following companies are currently hiring foreigners for multiple farmer jobs in Canada.

  • Jealous Fruits Ltd
  • Fuller Brothers Farm Inc.
  • AG Recruitment
  • AG 1 Source
  • AG Hires
  • AGRIcareers NC
  • Agricultural Labor Pool

How to Apply for Visa Sponsorship Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada

After conducting your research and you have a potential Canadian employer, construct a Canada-friendly Curriculum Vitae with clear layouts and contact details.

Endeavor to have all the documents (refer to the job listing) that your Canadian employer(s) may require. Once you have landed your fruit-picking job, your next line of action will be visa application.


It is advisable that you apply for multiple jobs. Once you are qualified, you would get a response from your potential employer. Note that you may have to sit for an interview if it is required by your employer.

Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada | FAQs

Do I need specific skills to become a fruit picker in Canada?

No, you do not need a specific skill to become a fruit picker in Canada. However, you have to meet the general requirements of Canadian workers’ qualifications. For instance, you must be 18 years or above.

How do I know if the job offer I received from a Canadian employer is a real or fake?

There are significant points to observe when you receive job offer from a Canadian employer. Did you submit an application to the said employer? If yes, the offer may likely be real. Also, it will be safe to do an online research online to confirm their legitimacy.


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