Denmark Jobs with Work Visa 2023-Apply Now.

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Denmark Jobs with work visa are difficult to obtain but now, that is a thing of the past.

Because some fantastic opportunities for international candidates who want to settle abroad and advance their careers are available.

Looking for Jobs with work visa in Denmark? 

You can now apply for Denmark jobs with free work visa in 2023.

Many jobs are available in Denmark, with many vacancies in various sectors. 

Denmark welcomes all qualified candidates looking to advance their careers.

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Why Denmark?

Denmark is well-known for being the world’s happiest country. It has one of the most peaceful societies and is well known for its sustainable growth, quality, and hygiene. All of these factors must be considered in order to create a secure future for oneself and their family members. So, if you are already captivated by Denmark and its beauty, keep reading because we have an opportunity for all international candidates to advance their careers.

In this article, we have listed some of the readily available jobs in Denmark as well as some of the average pay packages.

List of Denmark Jobs with free work visa 2023.

Denmark is already populated, and some people might think acquiring a job is going to take a lot of work there, but some employers have authorization from the Danish government to hire foreign workers who are difficult to find in Denmark.

The following list has some of the Denmark jobs with a work visa for you;

1. Engineering Jobs in Denmark.

If you have a degree in engineering, you have a fantastic opportunity to further your career in Denmark. 

Jobs in computer science, construction, and information technology are available. 

The most in-demand jobs are in civil, mechanical, and software engineering.

Top companies with job openings are Siemens Gamesa, Energi Viborg Elteknik, Danfoss International, Crown Tech ApS, K.J. Enterprise, Innowise group, etc. You are required to meet the following criteria for the jobs;

  • MECHANICAL ENGINEER – To qualify for this position, you must have a BSc degree in the respective field and technical skills. The average salary for this post is 30,000 to 52,000 DKK per month.
  • CIVIL ENGINEER – To qualify for this position, y must hold a Master’s degree in civil or geotechnical engineering and a minimum of 3 years of experience in project management. The average salary of civil engineers is 20,400 to 58,600 DKK per month.
  • SOFTWARE ENGINEER – To qualify as a software engineer, you must have a BSc degree in software, Mathematics, and science and also knowledge of computer systems and languages (C++ & Java). The average salary for this post is 40,000 DKK per month.

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2. Universities Jobs in Denmark. 

International candidates interested in the field of lecturers, associate professors, and researchers can find jobs in various leading institutes in Denmark.

Some of these universities include; Arhus University, Syddansk University, and Regions Jaelland. To be eligible for these positions, you must follow the following requirements;

  • LECTURERS – This post requires you to have a Ph.D. degree in relevant fields, teaching experience, and excellent communication skills. The average salary of lecturers is 26,700 to 87,000 DKK per month.
  • ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS – you must hold university academic qualifications, teaching experience, and research publications. The associate professors can earn up to 637,788 DKK per year.
  • RESEARCHERS – Researchers must also have a strong publications portfolio and Ph.D. degrees in relevant areas. The average salary of researchers is 26,600 DKK per month.

3. Aviation Jobs in Denmark.

The very high in-demand jobs in Denmark are Aviation and airline jobs. The companies offer jobs for various positions, including; pilots, cabin crew, security, ground staff, ATC tower staff, etc. These companies are named as  Uni-Fly Denmark, SAS, Navi-air, etc.

The aviation and airline jobs have the following requirements;

  • PILOT – for this position, you must have an EASA license and English language proficiency. The average salary of a pilot is 68,300 DKK per month.
  • CABIN CREW – for this position, candidates must be older than 18 years, hold a valid EU/EEA/Swiss visa, have 180cm in height, and have secondary education. The average salary for this post is 504,300 DKK per year.
  • ATC jobs – for this position, you must have a knowledge of EASA, with ATCO training certificate, and a high school degree. You must also have teaching experience. The average salary of an ATC worker is 604,089 DKK per year.

4. Banking Jobs in Denmark.

Banking Jobs in Denmark are hiring business analysts, asset managers, internal auditors, and financial analysts.

Some of the leading banks include; Jyske Bank, Saxo Bank, and Nordea Bank. You can also apply for these jobs if you fulfill the following criteria;

  • ASSET MANAGERS – you must hold a degree in finance or business to be eligible for this job and also a minimum of 3 years of experience in project management. The average salary of asset managers is 753,173 DKK per year.
  • BUSINESS ANALYSTS – to be able to apply for this position, the candidate must hold a degree of BSc in business, finance, or economics and a minimum 5 years of experience in relevant fields. You can earn up to 52,000 DKK per month.
  • AUDITOR & FINANCIAL ANALYSTS – you are required to have certificates and practical training in this field and a minimum of 3 years of experience public firm. The average salary of auditors is 37,000 DKK per month, whereas financial analysts can earn up to 51,200 DKK per month.

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5. Healthcare Jobs in Denmark.

The healthcare sector in Denmark has many jobs opening for nurses, medical receptionists, and surgeons. You can find these jobs at Aarhus University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, and Statens Serum Intitut. The following requirements need to be fulfilled before applying for these positions in Denmark, such as;

  • NURSE- this position requires you to have proficiency in the Danish language and hold a BSc degree in nursing with a registered nursing certificate. The average salary of nurses is 33,200 DKK per month.
  • SURGEON – to apply for this position, you must specialize in your respective field, have 2 to 3 years of experience working in hospital settings, and also hold a license to practice. The average salary of surgeons is 126,600 DKK per month.
  • MEDICAL Receptionist – this position requires you to have strong computer and desktop skills with a minimum of a high school degree. Candidates must be efficient in the knowledge of medical terminologies. The average salary of the Receptionist is 21,999 DKK per month.

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