Best Pet Insurance for Dogs & Cats- Insuring Pets in 2022

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Best Pet Insurance for Dogs & Cats – One of the best ways to add some financial security is to have pet insurance. It is a way to safeguard your financial status against having to frequently pay the full cost of unexpected vet bills whenever your pets get injured or sick.

Although according to the USnews, many do not understand the meaning and importance of petted insurance, which is why in this article, we will all get to understand the meaning, importance and some of the best pet insurance companies you can sign up for.

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They say pets are men’s best friends, particularly dogs and cats. These animals are dear to us because of the companionship they offer. Aside from that, they protect our households from all forms of prey and danger.

Definitely, we would always hope for them to live a long and healthy life. However, the reality is that, whether we like it or not, unexpected accidents, illnesses and other pet medical situations are unavoidable. No one plans to be sick and injured neither do cats and dogs. Therefore, it will never hurt you if you prepare for the unexpected when it comes to your lovely pets.

In all honesty, no pet owner should have to face terrible experiences when it comes to their pets, which is why If truly we love our pets as much as we say we do, then we have to face the reality and act accordingly.  Nothing is assured in this life except those things we insure. This is why we have to inculcate the habit of insuring pets.

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What is Best Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance is the transfer of risk to a third party in exchange for payment. Simply put, it is a health care policy for your pet that will provide funds for emergency health expenses that are covered by the policy. These days, veterinarian visits don’t come at a friendly price but by insuring your dogs or cats, bills are more manageable.

You might be wondering why you need to insure your animals. You need to because just because your pets are like family does not mean you should spend a fortune on them. You can easily maximize emergency spending when you insure your animals. With the best pet insurance, you can easily provide your pet with treatments, medications and diagnostics without having to take huge financial risks.

Types of insurance for pet

1.   Accident and Illness Insurance: this type of insurance pets mostly get. It covers your animals in case they get injured or fall ill.

2.   Wellness Insurance: Wellness insurance plans generally cover more routine issues. For instance, when you opt for dog health insurance, the policy will only cover issues like vaccinations, spaying, exams, neutering etc.

3.   Exotic Pet Insurance: This is the type of insurance that covers pets that are not cats or dogs. Very few companies offer this sort of insurance.

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Who is Best for Pet Insurance?

As long as you own a pet, pet insurance is recommended for you. Even if you have the financial capability to cover your pet’s veterinary costs, insurance on pets will save you thousands, if your animals suddenly get injured or sick.

Especially if you keep multiple animals, you will be able to cover their health expenses without having to bother about finance.

What’s the Best Pet Insurance?

The best pet insurance depends on the individual and varies from pet to pet. There is no one-size-fits-all insurance on pets, so you’ll want to check out top providers and choose the best option that will cover your pet’s health risks.

Among the best pet insurances providers include;

1.   Spots

Spot’s insurance on pets offers two variants of policies for cats and dogs. The first is for accidents and the other covers both accidents and illnesses. These policies are attached with annual deductibles that must be met before you will be imbursed for expenses.

Additionally, there are yearly coverage restrictions, though you will have the option to choose unlimited annual coverage when creating your policy. Another benefit is that Spot’s plans will cover certain ailments’ exam costs. This is what other health insurance providers charge extra fees for.


  • Provides options for unlimited pet health insurance coverage
  • Covers exam fees for certain pet health conditions
  • Made available both accident and illness as well as accident-only policies


  •  Users have to fill out claims forms and submit them online before policies can be approved.
  • It only covers insurance for cats and dogs.

2.   Lemonade

This is one of the best pet insurance companies of 2022 ratings. This company offers life, home, renters and pet health insurance in Europe and the United States. They provide accident and illness insurance for dogs and cats.

In addition, it offers a variety of choices to supplement its standard coverage, such as three distinct wellness plans and reimbursement for vet exams for certain health conditions. For your dogs and cats, Lemonade is the most affordable company.


  • It is one of the cheapest pet health insurance companies.
  • It made available three different wellness plans
  • It offers numerous types of discounts


  • It is available in the only US and Europe
  • It covers only pet insurance for dogs and cats.

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3.   Trupanion

This company offers accident and illness pet insurance for cats and dogs. This company’s plans cover congenital and breed-specific conditions, as long as no symptoms were present before and during the policy’s waiting period.

Unlike other companies that offer more waiting days. Trupanion offers just a five-day waiting period for accidents. However, it offers 30 day waiting period for illnesses which is quite unfavourable and too long. 

One of the reasons why it is favourable for you to choose this company is because of its lack of coverage limits. This implies that for covered conditions, you would not have to worry about a specific limit for expensive care- no matter how costly, it will cover the expense.


  • Offers just a two-day waiting period for accidents.
  • It reduces deductibles.
  • It requires no claim forms when filling out its mobile app.


  • It covers only pet insurance plans for cats and dogs.
  • For orthopaedic coverage, one would have to wait for six month waiting period.
  • It also offers a minimum of 30 days waiting period for all types of illnesses. 

4.   Pets Best

This is one of the best for pet insurance,  as the company offers accident as well as accident and illness policies. The latter comes in three variants, with the most expensive coverage for veterinary checkups, rebab, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. Additionally, there is a separate option to include preventive and routine care which includes dental cleaning and overall wellness checks.

The company also offer a three-waiting period for accident coverage. However, it offers six months cruciate ligament waiting period which is longer compared to other companies. Also, pre-existing conditions of your pets are not covered under this company’s policies. Regardless of this, it still offers easy registration.


  • Offers a three-day waiting period for accident coverage.
  • Made available routine and preventive care coverage.
  • It offers easy registration as it requires no form when claims are filled with their mobile app.


  • It does not cover the pre-existing condition of your pets.
  • Six-month waiting period for cruciate ligament is too long compared to other companies.
  • It covers pet insurance for cats and dogs only.

5.   Healthy Paws

This company’s pet insurance policies only cover cats and dogs, excluding coverage for wellness and preventative care. This is one of the pet’s best insurance companies as it offers unlimited coverage, just like the Trupanion.


  • No annual, lifetime or pre-condition coverage limits
  • Requires no claim forms when using the company’s website.


  • Offers no discount for the best multi-pet insurance.
  • Covers insurance for pets like cats and dogs only.
  • Offers no wellness coverage.

6.   Nationwide

This is one of the companies that offer the best insurance for multiple pets. It offers accident and illness policies for cats and dogs as well as other exotic pets like reptiles, small mammals etc. aside from that, wellness packages are also available for dogs and cats.

The majority of best pet insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions but Nationwide does with few exceptions. Your pet may once again qualify for coverage if its condition that was thought to have been fully treated reoccurs with no symptoms after six months.

However, Nationwide has a few drawbacks, like its policy prices and maximum age cutoff. its insurance for cats and dogs have a maximum enrollment age of 10 years, and the company’s rates are higher than many other. Aside from that, the company offers the best insurance for multiple pets as it provides discounts to customers with existing home or auto policies.

If you have been wondering what pet insurance is best for insuring your cats and dogs, the aforementioned is one of the best across the world. All you need do is to check out thrones that best suit your demands and start your journey to securing the lives of your pets.

In all, insurance for pets is worth it as it provides you with financial support so that illness or accidents does not put a limit on your pet’s life. Therefore, if you find pet insurance right for you, check out some of the listed companies and start getting in control of your finances.

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