15 Human Food That Can Be Dangerous For Dogs Consumption

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15 Human Food That Can Be Dangerous For Dogs Consumption – Certain Human foods that we feel are safe for consumption can actually be dangerous for dogs’ consumption. As much as we consider these creatures as families, we need to be careful of what we feed them.

This is because the metabolism of dogs is different from that of humans. Feeding human foods to dogs rather than foods of dogs can alter their health and may even lead to death in some cases.

This article highlights the 15 Human food that can be dangerous for dogs consumption that have been confirmed to be toxic. If you have a dog, it’s important to keep avoiding feeding them these foods.

 15  foods poisonous for dogs

1.    Avocado

Avocados are one of the major foods that poison dogs. This is thus because they contain a toxic material called persin which is a substance that is safe for human consumption but extremely dangerous for dogs. It is found in every bit of avocado, from the fruits to the pits, leaves and even the bark. Just totally restrict your dog from consuming anything avocado.

If your dog accidentally eats these, it will cause fluids to accumulate in the dog’s lungs and chest, making breathing difficult, which can eventually lead to oxygen deprivation and even death. Additionally, it could cause choking or blockages of the digestive tract if your dog accidentally swallows an avocado pit.

2.    Caffeine

Caffeine is a substance found in tea, cocoa, and in a popular South African American plant, guarana. It also doubles as a substance found in soft drinks and some sets of medications. Caffeine is stimulant that can speed up the heartbeat and trigger the nervous system of a dog.  This substance is considered to be part of the food that is dangerous to dogs as it causes restlessness, lack of bladder control, vomiting etc to these animals when consumed.

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Although, when taken in moderate quantity, it might not have any effect on your dog. However, if your dog swallows a handful of coffee beans or too much chocolate, it could be in serious danger. Caffeine end products are toxic foods for dogs. When too much of it is ingested, your dogs stand the risk of dying, and experiencing lung failure and abnormal heart rate.

For the safety of your dogs, it is important you keep tea, cocoa, coffee and other sources of caffeine away from them.

3.    Grapes and raisins

Grapes and raisins are food toxicants that are extremely poisonous to dogs. They can cause rapid and fatal kidney failure which can be ultimately serious. Although toxic levels vary from dog to dog but according to a study, it was reported that some dogs died almost immediately after eating just a handful of raisins.

Therefore, raisins should be erased from the food that dogs eat or you strictly monitor the quantity that your dogs take in. Also, it is crucial to note that grapes and raisins are foods poisonous for dogs either taken raw or eating them as ingredients in baked goods like cookies and cakes.

4.    Alcohol

Number four on the 15 Human Food That Can Be Dangerous For Dogs Consumption list is ‘Alcohol’. With just small amounts of alcohol found in drinks, and raw bread dough can be dangerous to dogs. This is because alcohol contains ethanol which can cause alcohol intoxication. Once your dog becomes intoxicated, it will start showing symptoms such as low body temperature and poor breathing. Vomiting, diarrhoea, depression and tiredness, are also symptoms of alcohol intoxication in dogs,

Alcohol is part of human food that is toxic to the body of your dog as it can result in lung failure, coma, seizure and even death. You should as well be concerned if your dog eats raw dough that contains yeast. Raw dough is also part of a toxic food to avoid for dogs because if the yeast ferment, it automatically turns to alcohol. This can result in your dog’s blood alcohol level rises which could cause alcohol poisoning and even death. Therefore, never feed your raw least or alcohol no matter how little to your dogs.

5.  Chocolate

Chocolates are another human foods that are toxic for dogs. It contains the stimulant chemicals caffeine and theobromine which are both hard for dogs to digest. If your dog consumes chocolate, it can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, dehydration and stomach pain. These symptoms can as well progress to more serious problems such as muscle tremors, seizures, internal bleeding and more.

However, note that the severity of the side effect of the chocolate depends on the type of chocolate the dog takes and the quantity. The darker and less delicious the chocolate is, the more dangerous it will be for your dog. This is so because unsweetened chocolates are the most dangerous of all chocolates.

In all, chocolate is one of the foods that poison dogs so no matter how special the event is, never feed them to your dogs,

6.    Xylitol

This is sugar alcohol often used in making chewing gum, toothpaste and baked goods. While this substance is deemed safe for human consumption, it is highly dangerous for dogs.  It is part of the foods dogs should not eat as it caused a drastic fall in the blood sugar of your dog. This substance is very dangerous as it can lead to liver damage and death. Some of the side effect include, weakness, depression, coma and seizures among many others. In all, all food items that contain Xylitol should not be fed to your dogs as it will prevent them from untimely death.

7.    Onions and Garlic

From onions to garlic to shallots, scallions and chives, in short, everything from the family of onions are on of the 15 Human Food That Can Be Dangerous For Dogs Consumption.  This is because they contain substances that can cause anaemia, gastroenteritis and irreversible damage to your dog’s blood cells. Onions are regarded as having five times the toxicity of garlic. Lethargy, weakness, and urine with an orange to dark red tint are symptoms of onion or garlic poisoning, but they frequently don’t show up for several days after consumption. Shiba Inus and other Japanese dog breeds, including the Akita, are often more sensitive to garlic and onions.

8.    Dairy

Foods of dogs need to be carefully prepared and made available for your pets. If you are keeping a dog and you feed it too much dairy products, you are putting the life of your dog at stake. The reason is that most dogs are lactose intolerant. Therefore, if your dog takes dairy products like milk, cheese and ice cream, it could lead to severe stomach issues and other gastrointestinal problems that may require hospitalization.

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9.    Macadamia Nuts

Ensure to keep your dogs away from Macadamia nuts and foods. Even in a particular product contain this as an ingredient, avoid it for your dog. Macadamia Nuts is a food that humans can eat but is toxic to dogs as it most times causes a high temperature and muscle shakes. Vomiting, weakness in the back of their legs and even death are other effects of eating Nuts.

10. Fat Trimmings and Bones

Fat trimmings from chickens and other meat, cooked or uncooked is part of the foods poisonous for dogs.  This is because it causes pancreatitis in dogs. You might be thinking that bones are meant to be part of the healthy human foods that are also beneficial to dogs, yes it is. However, it’s important to note that bones when cooked cause them to splinter And block the dog’s digestive system. It can also cause broken teeth, mouth injuries and other severe health conditions. 

11. Rhubarb15 Human Food That Can Be Dangerous For Dogs Consumption

Rhubarb is one of the human foods that are bad for dogs. Although it is popular among people, a component called oxalic acid in the delicious delicacy can lead to kidney failure in dogs. The chemical can cause the kidneys to stop working and cause crystals to form in the urinary tract. Drooling, vomiting, diarrhoea, tremors, bloody urine, changes in thirst, and other symptoms can indicate rhubarb poisoning. Therefore, try as much as you can to avoid your dogs from eating Rhubarb because it is a toxic food for dogs.

12. Spinach

Veterinarians and other canine specialists debate passionately on spinach. It has a high concentration of oxalic acid, which is known to hinder dogs’ ability to absorb calcium and harm their kidneys. Like many of the meals on this list, how much is eaten greatly influences how hazardous a food is. A small amount of spinach every now and again is generally fine for your dog. When it is consumed regularly, it becomes dangerous food for dogs, RSPCA reports and might have major negative effects on the health of your dog.

13. Iron supplements

Iron-containing vitamins, especially prenatal pills, which often have higher levels than regular vitamins, can be harmful to dogs. This is due to the fact that dogs are unable to excrete extra iron, which results in bodily buildups.

14.  Coconut and Coconut Oil

Coconut and products made from coconut are unlikely to seriously harm your pet when consumed in tiny amounts. Fresh coconuts do include oils in the meat and milk that could upset the stomach or result in diarrhoea or loose stools. As a result, we advise you to use caution when giving these foods to your pets. Coconut water shouldn’t be given to your pet at all as it is considered to be part of the most dangerous human foods for dogs due to the high level of potassium in it.

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15. Salt and Salty Snacks

When your dog takes in large amounts of salt, it might contract a  disease called salt toxicity or water deprivation. This may result in neurological conditions, cerebral oedema, nausea, constipation and seizures. In extreme situations, it might even be deadly. As a result, it is not a good idea to feed your dog salted foods such as pretzels, popcorn, or chips.

Also, ensure that your dog always has access to fresh and clean drinking water.

Frequently Asked Questions15 Human Food That Can Be Dangerous For Dogs Consumption

What are human foods that dogs can eat?

Proteins such as chicken, turkey etc, and grains such as corn, rice and oatmeal etc, are part of human foods good for dogs.

What can’t dogs eat?

Highlighted above are some of the foods that humans can eat but are toxic to dogs. Some of them can be taken in small quantities while some are toxic food for dogs.

Is rice good for dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat rice. It is preferable to feed your dogs brown rice because they have high nutritional value. White rice is also recommended but not as nutritious as brown rice.

Is oatmeal good for dogs?

For dogs that are sensitive to grains or wheat, oatmeal is a perfect substitute for carbohydrates. It contains Linoleic acid, a form of omega-6 fatty acid that supports the strength of dogs’ skin. It also has vitamin B, which aids in maintaining a healthy coat.

What are natural toxins in food?

Natural toxins in food examples include glycoalkaloids in potatoes, enzyme inhibitors and lectins in soybeans, green beans and other legumes.

Is the toxic food for dogs chart available?

Yes, there is a chart for toxic food for dogs.

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What are dogs foods harmful to humans?

Almost all types of dog food are completely raw. It’s not a good idea for humans to consume dog food regardless of the situation.  Eating raw or undercooked meat has been linked to infections from harmful organisms, such as Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter etc.  These infections could cause severe damage to the human body systems. Therefore, it is advisable to stay completely away from dog food.

What foods are extremely toxic for dogs?

The highlighted foods are the 15 most dangerous human foods for dogs that must be completely avoided.

Is spicy food bad for dogs?

Yes! Spicy foods are toxic for dogs. They could cause stomach problems including diarrhoea and gas.

How bad is cat food for dogs?

In a pinch, dogs may probably survive on cat food. However, the intake of this food causes a nutrient imbalance which can lead to digestive problems, obesity, and pancreatitis.

Is wet food bad for dogs?

No! In general, moist food is preferable to dry food for dogs. Wet food has more water, which keeps dogs hydrated, and fewer carbohydrates, which are hard for dogs to digest.

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