15 Highest Paying Jobs for Journalism Majors in 2022

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15 Highest Paying Jobs for Journalism Majors in 2022 – There is a vast misconception attached to studying journalism. Many people will tell you that, with a degree in journalism, you will only have to be a broadcaster or a news editor. But then, who says you can’t do more with your journalism majors?

Stop there and think about it!

Journalism is a profession that plays a huge role in society. It is all about informing people about what is happening worldwide. But does that mean that it is only restricted to casting the news?

This is why in this article, your eyes will be opened to plenty of high-paying opportunities for journalism degree holders.

So, read to the end to find out more!

Overview15  Highest Paying Jobs for Journalism Majors in 2022

Journalism is the act of gathering, creating, assessing, and presenting news and information. It involves gathering information and presenting it in written or spoken form in news stories, documentaries, or feature articles.

However, over the years, journalism has been pictured as a profession that only centers on casting news and reporting events. But the truth is, there is a wide range of career opportunities for communicators and journalists, from traditional print to radio and television media, marketing, and more.

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If you are pursuing a career in this line and wondering about alternative careers for journalists, below are some answers to your curiosity. In addition, we will be exploring some jobs you can get with a journalism degree.

15  Highest Paying Jobs for Journalism Majors in 2022

1.    Content Writer: You can be a content writer and creator with a journalism degree. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world today, and you can even work remotely. As a content writer or creator, you are to produce print content, website copies, video scripts, email newsletters, social media content, and advertisement copies, to mention but a few.

To be well garnered, you will have to conduct in-depth research, develop a content creation plan, work with brand guidelines, and be updated about marketing metrics. You will also have to be part of several content brainstorming sessions with editors, designers, and other professionals.

This career path is one of the entry-level jobs for journalism majors, but gradually one can earn new skills and become an expert in no time. Of course, as a content writer, you can freelance too. However, a content writer’s national average salary is $17.54 per hour.

2.    Staff Writer: with journalism majors, you can also work as a staff writer. Your job description will be producing news reports, reviews, guides, and manuals, to mention but a few. You will also have to conduct research, pitch content ideas, and help shape the organization’s brand identity.

Often, you will be expected to work with other professionals like writers, editors, content strategists, and many more. Therefore, if you are wondering which journalism jobs pay the most, this is one! However, a bachelor’s degree or master’s will open you to more opportunities and skills as a staff writer. The national average salary for people in this field is $38,335 annually.

3.    Copywriter: This is another alternative career for journalists. Copywriting is salesmanship in print. It is an exciting field but to be the best, you must learn the art of persuasion and have excellent communication skills. This is because you must know how best to communicate with your targeted audience.

As a copywriter, you will be saddled with writing blog posts, brochures, advertising campaigns, and many more. Aside from that, you will also have to register error-free and attention-grabbing marketing content for both digital and print media. The national salary for people in this field is pegged at $25.07 per hour, but you have to be creative and understand your target audience’s language to earn more.

4.    Freelance Writer: This is also one of the highest-paying jobs for journalism majors. Being a freelance writer, you will most of the time have to work on a contract basis with a wide range of companies and organizations across several industries. In addition, if you become a freelance writer, you will be saddled with the responsibility of writing a variety of B2B and B2C content that includes product data sheets, presentations, social media posts, and other deliverables.

You will also have to pitch ideas, follow brand guidelines and write articles. Generally, as a freelancer, you will primarily work independently with less supervision, manage multiple projects and meet tight content deadlines. The average salary for people in this field is  $25.07 per hour.

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5.    Journalist: Many people often ask why journalism is a good career choice considering the dangers of being a journalist. Being a journalist is one of the best choices you will make if you study journalism. As a journalist, you will be the eyes and ears of the public. You also serve as a watchdog to the government and other parastatals. Therefore, if you choose this, you are on the right path.

As a journalist, you will have to work in the field to investigate, identify and report daily events and happenings. You are also saddled with the responsibility to analyse and interpret stories and present them to the public for them to understand easily.

As a journalist, you must have noise for news, be a good listener, and have excellent writing and speaking skills. In addition, you must work in the written press, including newspaper outlets, multimedia, magazine companies, etc.

This career path is also one of the careers in broadcast journalism. Therefore, you can choose to be a broadcaster, newscaster, and news commentator, to mention but a few. Nationally, a journalist’s salary is $36.26 per hour.

6.    Editor: If you have eyes for details, you can quickly become a news editor with your journalism degree. Working as an editor ensures that the substance of daily newspaper, radio flash, or television news is well-written, error-free, and balanced. Being an editor, you will be saddled with the responsibility of deciding on the topics to be covered. The viewpoints are given to different write-ups, headlines, etc. You are also in charge of proofreading and approving texts.

You also supervise and employ a team of journalists to work with. You also carry the burden of publicly promoting the organization’s reputation, economically and in different areas.

As an editor, you can work remotely and freelance from the comfort of your home—the national average salary of an editor per year is $50,85.

7.    Digital Marketing: if you are curious about which journalism jobs pay the best,  digital marketing is one. This is one of the highly demanded journalistic services, and as a digital marketer, you must have great communication, storytelling, and excellent writing skills.

Your primary duties are to work on content development, the creation of leads, and social media marketing for your organization. You are also saddled with the responsibility of creating digital promotional strategies. A digital marketer also keeps current emerging digital trends, identifies an organization’s target audience, and builds a solid audience base.

Additionally, they produce information and up-to-date marketing content to foster brand and product awareness. Therefore, if you want to choose this path, you must be open to learning skills like SEO, website management, social media management, and more. Nationally, the average salary of someone in this field is   $60,078 annually.

8.    News Writer: As one of the 15  Highest Paying Jobs for Journalism Majors in 2022, News Writer is also a highly paid job for journalism degree holders. If you study journalism, you can work as a news writer in several media outlets. You will create stories for a newspaper or news broadcast using interviews, facts from data, public records, and information from other verified news agencies.

However, as a news writer, you must have strong writing and organizational skills to arrange stories and turn them into coherent reports. If you are interested in this career path, news writing is part of the excellent entry-level jobs for journalism majors. The salary of a news writer ranges from  $40,000 to $64,500 per annum, depending on the organization.

9.    Broadcast Journalist: as a broadcast journalist, you will be responsible for reporting news as it breaks and reporting other information to the public over television, radio, and other online media outlets.

As a broadcast journalist, you must provide accurate, concise, unbiased, and straightforward information. Among the qualifications you need to possess include; excellent oral and written communication skills. Some of the careers in broadcast journalism include; broadcast manager, radio announcer, news director, commentator, and podcaster, among others. The salary range for people in this field ranges from $31,000 to $57,000 annually.

10. Public relations specialist: You can also become a public relations specialist with your journalism degree. You are responsible for maintaining and managing your company’s brand image. It is one of the15  Highest Paying Jobs for Journalism Majors in 2022,

As a PRO, you are to create presentations and website content and discuss internal communication points. In addition, you must write brand-related op-eds, blogs, press releases, and other publicity materials for your company’s external promotion. PROs also participate in setting up organizations’ events, conducting social media publicity campaigns, and securing speaking engagements.

Therefore, if you are interested, you can look into a public relations officer or specialist career. The average base salary of people in this field is $62,679 yearly, depending on the organization.

11.  Communications manager: one of the alternative careers for journalists is being a communications manager. As a communications manager, you are to work with companies and organizations to effectively develop, plan and implement their communications strategies and programs for marketing and promotional purposes. In addition, your responsibility is to create innovative publicity ideas and produce appealing and exceptional content.

A communication manager also manages the communication budget, assists with fundraising, and organizes promotional events for the company. Averagely, the salary of a communication manager is $60,571 per annum, depending on the organization or company.

12. Technical writer: technical writing is also part of the alternative careers for journalists and is among the desperately sought services by companies. As a technical writer, you must prepare manuals and journal articles and make supporting documents available to communicate technical information easily.

You are responsible for gathering, developing, and disseminating an organization’s technical information through all its communications channels. The average technical writer’s salary is about $65,329 annually, depending on the job description and level of expertise.

13. Photojournalist: if you are wondering which journalism jobs pay the best, photojournalism solves your curiosity. This is one of the 15  Highest Paying Jobs for Journalism Majors in 2022, and as a photojournalist, you will be interpreting and conveying events in a visual format through photographs. The job entails elements of technical photography,  storytelling, operating camera equipment, and editing.
Among the skills needed for this job includes; research skills, excellent photography skills, editing, and a high level of creativity, among others. A good photojournalist bags an excellent salary of $38,409 every year. However, pay is subject to negotiation and depends on the job description and expertise.
14.  Media Researcher: You can also work as a media researcher with your journalism degree. The job description entails finding out background information and collecting factual data. In addition, a media researcher supports the production department in a media outlet by providing details of documentaries, advert placement and positioning, evaluation of programs, and more.

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You will need in-depth research and investigating skills for this job. You also have to be resourceful, have strong communication skills, and be a creative/critical thinker. Averagely, a media researcher earns around  $44,442 to $85,399, depending on location, crafts, and other factors.

15. Cartoonist: This is one of the highly creative vocations you can opt for if you have any journalism majors. It is a career that uses wit, humour, and art to illustrate and comment on contemporary happenings in a satirical way. As a cartoonist, you can work as an online content creator, making digital comics for newspaper web pages and social media platforms. You can also work as an illustrator or animator with a design agency. Some of the required skills from a cartoonist are artistic skills, time management, a great sense of humour, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions that may pop into your mind regarding a journalism degree are addressed below.

Why Journalism is a Good Career Choice?

Journalism is one of the advantageous career options. Although it comes with some challenges, it is an excellent career for many. But to succeed, you need to have passion and excellent writing and speaking skills.

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What Can You Do With A Journalism Degree?

There are numerous careers to consider once you get a journalism degree. You can work in any media outlet, from radio, newspaper, and television. The few career options you can choose have also been listed above so you can check through and pick whichever suit you best.

Conclusively, a journalism degree or significant opens doors to well-paid opportunities for you. All you need to do is find your passion and start investing in skills that will attract you to highly paid-journalism jobs.

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