10 Surprising Things Covered by Home Insurance

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10 Surprising Things Covered by Home Insurance– Home insurance is one of the things the majority of people do not think about until something goes wrong. Averagely in the United States, a burglary happens at least once every 30 seconds, and the average loss from incidents like that is $2,661. If you think home insurance is useless, you must think again!

To be covered by home insurance is to be secured. Moreover, if you have already signed up for a home insurance policy, you probably will be used to the usual things your insurance will cover, such as full home insurance coverage and the likes. However, the good news is that home insurance extends beyond all those, which is why you will be learning surprising things homeowners insurance covers in this piece.

Before then, read this!

What It Means To Be Covered By Insurance

In a world full of uncertainties and insecurities, insurance is a means of mollifying the effects of unplanned circumstances. One can compare insurance to the helmet worn on the head to prevent head injuries, it can be compared to the apron worn while cooking, and it can be compared to the family planning decision of married couples. In simpler terms, it is convenient to state that insurance is an effort to protect yourself and your belongings from unforeseen and unprecedented circumstances.

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How Insurance Works

Usually, insurance is a financial product sold by insurance companies to safeguard persons or properties against the risk of loss, damage, or theft. When you take out insurance, even if it seems tedious, you must review the policy. Read all that it covers. Because in this way, you will know what you are paying for and what you are insured. In this article, you will learn weird things insured by homeowners insurance, so you can assess if you are interested and ask your insurers about them.

So, grab a seat and enjoy the weirdness- 10 Surprising Things Covered by Home Insurance!

Weird Things Covered By Home Insurance

1. Food Spoilage

One of the crazy insurance claims is food spoilage. When a powerful storm’s wind or lightning knocks out the electricity, the food in your refrigerator might not be your top priority. Still, many house insurance policies come with a tremendous benefit that will replace them. Sounds crazy, right? It should be because it is a weird insurance fact! However, to make it less weird, you might include spoiled food as a component of a more significant claim.

2. Dog Bites

This is also one of the bizarre home insurance claims. Injuries caused by animal bite is also part of the things covered under homeowners Insurance. According to the Centers for Disease Control, dogs bite about 4.5 million people yearly.

Therefore, if your dog bites someone, the liability part of your human insurance policy is meant to protect you in case you get sued.

However, there is a need for you to pay attention to the policy you sign up for. For example, some insurance agencies might not offer coverage for certain dog breeds or other animals. 

3. Jewelry

You might wonder why jewelry is part of the weird things covered by insurance. Well, worry not. It is good news for you if you want to save money and include your jewelry in your home insurance coverage. Although it will possibly make your premium a bit more expensive, it will pay you in the long run. All you need to do is try to keep the purchase invoices or have a professional expert valuation of your jewelry. Then you can include it in your home insurance policy. However, consult your insurer first to ensure the availability of the coverage.

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4. Terrorist Attacks

Does home insurance cover acts of war? Yes, it does. Surprised? Don’t be! It is just one of the weird types of insurance claims. No doubt, acts of war are generally excluded by policies. However, even when there is peace in the nation, terrorists occasionally commit deadly crimes against citizens. If peradventure you witness domestic terrorists, your home insurance policy might cover any damages incurred.

5. Atmospheric Phenomena10 Surprising Things Covered by Home Insurance

A storm, a blizzard, a heavy snowfall, and unexpected hail can cause severe damage to your home. Although it might sound weird, this is part of the crazy insurance policies you can add to your home insurance policy. Generally, insurance usually includes material damage that can be caused by meteorological phenomena among its basic coverage but ensures you confirm the range with your company. It will save you the stress of false hope.

6. Appliance Breakdowns

We are so used to living with appliances that we often do not realize how necessary they are for our daily lives until they break down! Hence the importance of putting them in the part of the insurance that protects the content. Policies typically cover appliances when they break down as a result of power outages or power surges. However, appliance breakdowns due to other causes are not usually part of the 10 Surprising Things Covered by Home Insurance. Fortunately, you can have them inserted into your policies. But remember that this coverage is typically conditioned to a maximum period of the age of the device. In addition, it is usually contracted to offer repair service, not a replacement.

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7. Replacement Of Locks

This is also part of the weird home insurance claims. Usually, home insurance includes lock changes when there is a robbery, or one of the family members has lost the keys, and a complaint is made to the relevant authority. And what happens if the lock deteriorates or malfunctions? In this case, the intervention of a locksmith will typically only be covered if you have stipulated it by contract (this varies according to the companies and the contracted products). After all, our security often depends on adequately functioning the access door to our home.

8. Personal Accidents At Home

Your home insurance doesn’t only cover your building but covers you as well. Although this doesn’t fit in the category of weird home insurance claims, many people don’t know it exists. Within your home insurance, you can also include a domestic personal accident clause, which will protect you if you fall inside the house, trip in the bathtub, cut yourself with a knife, etc. Still, this coverage is usually of great help in the event of any domestic accident, which occurs more frequently than we think.

9. Legal Protection

Legal Protection is also part of the weird insurance coverages. You might not have ever thought of this, but It is possible to take out home insurance that includes legal defense among its range. Usually, this coverage is quite basic and consists of the expenses generated from legal related to housing or problems in the community of neighbors in which the insured is immersed. If you have the option, hire the claim guarantee, especially if you rent the apartment to third parties. Some companies guarantee coverage for the non-payment of rent and the execution of the tenant’s eviction.

10. Civil Liability

You might think this is not part of what insurance doesn’t cover, but now you know it does. Civil liability is responsible for protecting the damages you cause to third parties. If you suffer a domestic accident or have a breakdown that causes damage to your neighbor’s home, you can rest easy since your insurance will solve the problem and assume the expenses derived from its repair. Make sure your insurance includes this clause. You will live much calmer! It is advisable to subscribe to the most significant possible capital, always limiting if there are excesses since this will be an amount the policyholder and insured must bear. A professional will advise you properly since many conditions aggravate this need.

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10 Surprising  Things Covered by Home InsuranceFrequently Asked Questions

Does Home Insurance Cover Generators?

If you are the type that is frequently bothered with these questions, are generators covered by home insurance? Or does homeowners insurance cover generators? The answer is yes! There is insurance coverage for generators; you can add them to your homeowner’s insurance claims. All you need to do is to ask your agent if your home insurance policy covers it because not all companies cover the cost of a generator.

Does Home Insurance Cover Death?

Home insurance doesn’t cover death. Homeowner’s insurance policy pays for damage to your home, properties, and possessions, including liability and medical coverage. However, it doesn’t cover your death or the death of your loved ones. Life insurance does that.     

What Are Things Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance covers the interior or exterior part of your house if damaged. So, for instance, if there is fire, hurricane, or vandalism, your insurance agency will compensate you so your house can be repaired or rebuilt if necessary.

Homeowners’ insurance can also cover your furniture, clothes, sports equipment, and other personal items.

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